Jim Lamb

I am fascinated by the landscape and the way the various qualities of light play upon it. My dad first influenced me to observe nature in this way. He was also an artist who loved the outdoors, and he often commented on the beauty so clearly evident in God's creation. Even at an early age I grew to love the landscape, and I found myself developing a passion to paint it. I paint my impressions of nature in a realistic style. In my early years, I was influenced by landscape paintings that were displayed at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. Even as a youth I found myself driven to regularly view this art, all the time knowing that someday I too would work to devote my talents towards capturing in art form the beauty and mysteries of the landscape. The majority of my paintings are created on location, "en plein air." Painting outdoors is invigorating to me. I have come to realize that the sights, the sounds, and the solitude of the outdoors help me to capture on canvas the essence of what it is in nature that has always inspired me. My preferred medium is oil paint on fine linen canvas. This approach provides the texture of the canvas surface, and the flexibility of oils. I can push the paint around, paint thinly or very thick, create a variety of textures, or wipe it all off and start over It is a forgiving medium, yet very rich when used successfully. I use small paintings I create on location (color studies), along with photographs, as reference tools in order to create larger studio works. I approach each painting with a vision of what I want that painting to be, but sometimes a painting ends up surprisingly different. It is not unusual for such "happy accidents" to occur, with the end result being better than what was originally planned. I have found these occasions to be particularly satisfying and fulfilling. Dean Cornwell, a famous American illustrator, once said that when "happy accidents" emerge in a painting, you should "get down on your knees and thank God for it." The more time I spend outdoors studying and painting nature, the more I am impressed with the infinite creativity of the Master Artist. His handiwork is evident everywhere. The primary goal of my artwork is to inspire in the viewer the same wonder with this handiwork that I have learned over the years to so greatly appreciate myself.